Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans. Change is hard. If only the good times would stay forever.  Some women seem to be able to roll with the punches while others curl up in a fetal position in the corner. How you respond to life’s inevitable changes makes all the difference in the world in your happiness.

Why does change throw us for a loop? Change represents the unknown. The unknown is the dark, scary cobweb filled room in a horror movie. Our minds have the craziest talent for making up the scariest scenes and we don’t need much prompting either-  just a little ambiguity and we are there with a horror flick.

Why can’t we just automatically imagine all the best possible outcomes? It’s really a defense mechanism that helps us survive. If we imagine the worst and create a viable solution, then we increase our chances of surviving it.

This defense mechanism is not designed to paralyze you and hold you hostage, but rather to spur you into action. So how can we use anxiety to make the best out of an uncertain circumstance?

When you are a busy woman with a full…

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When Life Closes a Door and You Just Want to Bang on It- Getting Over Loss

I recently sat with a client who was devastated over the loss of a dream. This door was clearly closed in his life and there was no real chance of him ever achieving it. There is very little in life as painful as the loss of a dream. His inability to move past this loss cost him his entire family. I wish he had come to me sooner. He was grieving so hard that he couldn't even see the amazing blessings he had in front of him... until they were gone. What do you do when you really just can't get over a loss?

Life is tough sometimes. I have never heard of  a success story that doesn't include failures along the way. Relationship breakups, loss of friends and families, death ,failed businesses, failed dreams. I swear I am not trying to depress you, but if you have reached your third decade in life, then you can certainly find a time in your life reflected in that last sentence. So, you failed or you lost something or someone precious. Is it time to curl up in a fetal position for the rest of your life? NOPE!! Should you keep banging on a clearly shut door?…

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