Here's How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is A Charity Case & Not Marriage Material
What is a fixer? A fixer is someone who feels best when helping others. If they see someone who is less fortunate, their first inclination is to try to remedy the situation. They have a keen sense of the unfairness in the world and strive to correct it. They will volunteer to help and are generally charitable people.
If you recognize that you are a fixer, that’s great! It’s a wonderful quality to have. Fixers are nurturing, giving and empathic. They often do a great amount of good, meaningful work in this world- think Mother Theresa and Ghandi. But unfortunately, many fixers expand that need to fix into their romantic relationships, causing devastation for all. Here are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before you get involved in a romantic relationship:
1. Are we equals?Are you getting just as much out of the relationship as you are giving?  An imbalance does not make for a good relationship. You will be miserable. Your partner will be miserable. You will not even get your fixing needs fulfilled because most people don’t want to be fixed. People want to be loved for who they are, not for what someone wants or…

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Abstinence. What About Sexual Compatibility?

So, a client got me thinking. He was discussing waiting until marriage to have sex. He expressed his respect for that choice, but also his concern as a dating, single male. He said, “What if I marry her and then find out that we are not sexually compatible?” I can certainly understand his concern. Some people would say, well, if you have never had sex before, you won’t know any difference and it won’t matter. But the majority of people who are abstinent are re-committing to abstinence (some coming out of marriages) who have had prior sexual experiences and are worried about that sexual compatibility because, well, they actually will know the difference.

So, I decided to do some research into this issue, realizing it is one that many couples are facing. In part, sexual compatibility is a modern construct, born out of a culture with an abundance of sexual experiences. If someone gave you your brand new dream car, you would be like, “Wow, thanks!! Amazing!!” But if you regularly received brand new dream cars and you were offered another one and were being asked to commit to only driving that one, you may be like, “ummm. let me test drive it first…” In all fairness, research does demonstrate that a lack of sexual compatibility in relationships leads to…

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