Are you juggling a million things? When one of them falls, they all seem to come crashing down. The truth is you shouldn’t pick it all back up. I can help you choose which ones are best to juggle, which ones you need to leave for good and which ones you should pick up later AND I can give you the tools to follow through on those choices!

Hi, I’m Dr. Zoe Shaw- a licensed Psychotherapist, Life and Relationship coach for Superwomen, wife of a Hollywood actor, mother of 5, writer, radio talk show host and health nut. I am Passionate about helping you create a healthy, thriving, productive life and relationships- including that most important one with yourself and your life! I work with individuals, organizations, couples, media and those in the Entertainment Industry. I also work remotely which means we can have a session (via skype or zoom) wherever you are in the World on your laptop, phone or tablet!! (click here for more info).

As a trained therapist and wife of 23 years to an Actor who’s been in the roller coaster Hollywood industry for years (Oh the joy of being married to an Artist), I have life, clinical experience and academic training to help you! Get to know me a little more in my bio. Check out my site. I look forward to hearing your story!

Work with me and:

  • Finally understand why you feel so overwhelmed - like you can't get it together (It’s not because you are doing too much).
  • Reframe your fear and actually use it to attain your goal.
  • Make peace with the aspects of your life that are holding you back from getting stuff done.
  • Finally learn how to follow through on your goals and reach your potential.
  • Learn how to apply my Signature Seasons Mapping Program to get crystal clear about your current season in life and make a road map for future seasons so that you can ultimately have it all without doing it all at one time! 
  • Learn new tools to help you become a peak performer in your life, family and career.
  • Design a workable action plan to become the woman you have always wanted to be. She’s in there!

 What Dr. Zoe Says...            

When we finally recognize that much of our emotional pain in relationships is about what we bring from the past, we will be able to connect with each other on that deep level we all desire here in the present.
If you are imagining the amazing person they will be once you have fixed them, move on. They won’t change. Promise.
Your relationship can’t be your charity case. You deserve better. Help them if you must, that’s okay. That’s what fixers do, but don’t get involved with them romantically.

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